The AIPAC (American Indian Parent Advisory Committee) promotes education and diversity within all grades k-12 by integrating culture with curriculum. Currently, the dropout rate for American Indian and Alaska Native Students is twice that of non Native students; the highest dropout rate of any United States ethnic or racial group. Academically capable Native students often drop out of school (on resesrvations and in cities) because their needs are not met, while others are being pushed out because of unequal treatment. AIPAC activities may include tutoring, cultural activities and attendance to additional education related activities. 


  • Greg Phillips – Chairman
  • Mike and Valerie Brown – Co Vice Chairs
  • Felicia Alvarez – Treasurer
  • Robin Flood – Secretary
  • Phillip Gover – Title VII Coordinator

Meeting Information

The AIPAC meets every 2nd Wednesday of every month. Meetings are open to the public. 

AIPAC also hosts weekly tutoring for students at Malley Drive Elementary and cultural-based activities and programming on Thursdays at Century Middle Schools. 

Denver Post Article

Check out this great article by the Denver Post on the success of the AIPAC program at Adams 12 Five Star Schools.

How Do I Get Involved?

All are invited to attend any AIPAC event. Contact us for more information, or visit the AIPAC facebook page