Signing Choir engages community with sign language in music

Thursday, April 21, 2022 - 8:45am
signing choir

Mountain View Elementary students perform sign language concert

Mountain View Elementary’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Signing Choir rocked their performance last week with a dancing through the decades theme!

Signing Choir teachers and student

The sign language choir performs several times a year and is a favorite for the entire Five Star and Broomfield communities. After dancing and signing to hits like “I wanna Dance with Somebody” and “Vogue”, teachers, staff and leadership joined the stage to perform a mashup of “Party Up” and “Good Day”.

The sign language choir at Mountain View is a popular club, with typically 50-60 student members, mostly students who are not actually deaf or hard of hearing.

Fourth grader Reese D. started learning sign language in kindergarten and is now fluent. “I have friends that use sign language so that’s why I wanted to learn,” she said.

Mountain View has a unique Deaf & Hard of Hearing program, currently serving 65 students with mild to profound hearing losses in preschool through fifth grade. Although some of these students are in self-contained classrooms matched to their unique needs, many D/HH students are mainstreamed into traditional classrooms with sign language interpreters to support them.

“The Mountain View D/HH staff has worked hard to create a program that engages the entire student body in sign language through music,” said Jenna Harris, D/HH teacher and signing choir co-director. “This club has helped spark enthusiasm about using sign language and has fostered an inclusive environment.”

“The club grows in popularity each year and has been a crucial catalyst for helping our deaf and hard of hearing students feel like they are a part of the school culture. As our program stands right now, our deaf and hard of hearing students are flourishing in a community built around accepting the use of sign language and differences among all students.”

The Five Star District is home to one of the largest Deaf & Hard of Hearing (D/HH) programs in the Denver Metro area. Five Adams County school districts have the option to refer students to our D/HH program which is implemented at Mountain View ElementaryWestlake Middle and Legacy High Schools to serve students from preschool through graduation.