Retired teacher honored for work in special education

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 - 11:15am
Kathleen Oviatt, CO Teacher of the Year Award

Kathy Oviatt named 2021 Council for Learning Disabilities Teacher of the Year

Kathy Oviatt named 2021 Council for Learning Disabilities Teacher of the Year

In the 29 years that she has been with Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Kathy has proven herself to be an outstanding advocate for students with disabilities, a highly effective instructor of specialized instruction, a life-long learner, and a powerful change agent in the world of special education.

A majority of Kathy’s career was at Northglenn High School where she served as an instructional leader, team facilitator, and learning specialist.  Kathy’s advocacy of students was apparent in her classroom where she taught specialized math to students with disabilities.  She understood that one of the most powerful supports that a student could have was a collaborative, positive team.  She led the special education team towards implementing high quality, individualized programs, communicated clearly with all stakeholders, and provided resources to others around writing legally defensible, instructionally sound IEPs for students.  Kathy exemplified the ability to work collaboratively with a variety of staff, district personnel, outside agencies, and parents/guardians in order to better meet and address the needs of specific students in special education.

Kathy’s passion for supporting students with disabilities always drove her to improving her own professional practices.  She continually attended conferences and training that would improve outcomes for students with whom she worked.  This passion also led her to take on a leadership role with one of the largest math conferences in Colorado, Math on the Plains. Kathy’s drive for continuous improvement not only helped teachers at Northglenn High, but in the Five Star District and the state. 

Whether you were a teacher who had the opportunity to work with Kathy or a student who learned from her, you were impacted by her kindness, courage, and sincerity.  For years after leaving Northglenn High, Kathy’s students would come back to visit, letting her hear about their successful lives after graduation. Kathy’s contributions, both inside and outside of Five Star Schools, have made a huge impact on the lives of those she touched.  She will always be appreciated for her incredible service.

Congratulations, Kathy!