Board of Education President Kathy Plomer shares reflections

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 11:30am
Board Member Celebration

Board President Kathy Plomer and Director Brian Batz terms end

The entire Adams 12 Five Star Community thanks Ms. Kathy D. Plomer, President (Director, District 3) and Mr. Brian M. Batz (Director, District 4) for their years of dedicated service on the Five Star Schools Board of Education. Board President Plomer reflects on the last eight years in a farewell message below.

Signed poster at farewell celebration

I want to thank the Adams 12 Five Star Schools community for the privilege of serving on the Board of Education for the last eight years and my fellow board members for entrusting me with the role of President for the last six. My oldest daughter walked through the doors of Centennial Elementary in 2001 and I have been a volunteer ever since. I am proud and grateful that my three children graduated from our district equipped to follow the paths of their choosing. It is what every child deserves and is the goal that drives the board and the district every day. I am proud to be part of a team that has also worked (and is still striving) to create an environment where:

  • Every child feels welcomed and celebrated;
  • Parents and community members feel like included and trusted partners in improving the district; and
  • Teachers and staff know that they are valued as professionals and people, and that we are unceasingly grateful for their service and what they do for kids every day.

My time on the board has been eventful! We passed a bond and a mill levy override, improved graduation rates, added career and technical education opportunities for our students and became a performance rated district. I credit these accomplishments to our commitment to building trust and partnering with parents, staff and community in a shared vision. 

To say the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges is an understatement. It is a challenge no one anticipated, no one had experienced and where consensus on approaches and answers is in short supply. Decisions in a time of uncertainty are never easy but the board and district have made them with the health and safety of students and staff at their core.

My service on the board has allowed me to meet many dedicated leaders, educators, staff members, parents and students. The best in people comes out when they are working for kids and we have incredible people. I am grateful for the leadership of a committed superintendent and leadership team; for the passion and ideas of all the board members I have served with; for the parents and community members who partner with our district and to our educators and staff who care for our students every day. I am hopeful for the future because of what I know our students are capable of and I am excited to join the ranks of supportive and involved community members who believe in the power of public education and in Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Thank you for the chance you gave me to serve and learn.

— Kathy Plomer, President, Board of Education