2020-2021 Budget Update

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 7:15pm

State cuts to education funding result in 5.2 percent reduction for 2020-2021

The Colorado Legislature adjourned on June 15 and the district now knows it will receive 5.2 percent less in funding from the state than it did for 2019-2020. The budget cut from the state for 2020-2021 amounts to a $14.4 million reduction in revenue. State reductions in funding are also anticipated for 2021-2022 (5% reduction) and 2022-2023 (2.5% reduction).  

Before the Legislature approved the reduction in education funding, Gov. Jared Polis issued an executive order on Monday, May 18 directing $510 million that the state is receiving from the federal Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) to K-12 schools. As a result of the governor's order, Adams 12 Five Star Schools received $20.9 million. This is one-time funding and completely separate from the Legislature’s cut to ongoing funding for school districts.

The district’s budget and finance team has worked diligently to understand the provisions for allowable expenditures of the $20.9 million in federal aid, and this one-time money, along with a 5% cut to operating expenses across the district, are being used to address the shortfall and balance the budget.

The recently concluded Interest Based Strategies (IBS) negotiations with the District Twelve Educators’ Association resulted in an agreement to award steps based on the salary schedule for certified staff members. The IBS team also negotiated the use of up to two furlough days to be taken during the second semester in the event of state budget recissions or significantly reduced enrollment in our district. The team will meet in January for the purpose of determining if those budget cuts are needed and if so, when those days will be scheduled.

The Adams 12 Five Star Schools Board of Education is scheduled to adopt the 2020-2021 budget and ratify the certified contract at its special board meeting on Monday, June 29 at 6 p.m. The meeting will be live streamed on the district's YouTube Channel