Substitute Teachers Pay Rates

Updated on Mon, 10/11/2021 - 3:03pm

2021-2022 CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTE PAY RATES (New Rates are effective beginning October 18, 2021)

Guest Teachers are paid either a full day or a half day:

Rate Description Full Day Rate Licensure Requirements
Entry Level Daily Rate  $145.00    1 or 3 year substitute authorizations -WITHOUT STEDI TRAINING
Guest Teacher Daily Rate $175.00 1 or 3 year substitute authorizations - WITH STEDI TRAINING
Licensed Guest Teacher Daily Rate $180.00 Professional, Interim, Initial, or 5-Year Substitute Licenses 
Guest Teacher Retiree Daily Rate $190.00  
In-Building Guest Teacher $185.00  
Long Term Rate $200.00  
  • Entry Level Rate:  $145.00 per day or $72.50 per 1/2 day.   The Entry Level Rate is for all Guest Teachers holding a 1 Year or 3 Year Substitute Authorization without successful completion of a SubSkills Training Course.  Once the SubSkills Training Course is complete and submitted to the Substitute Office, the Guest Teacher will receive the Guest Teacher Rate.
  • Guest Teacher Rate:  $175.00 per day or $87.50 per 1/2 day.   The Guest Teacher Rate is for all Guest Teachers holding a 1 Year or 3 Year Substitute Authorization WITH successful completion of a SubSkills Training Course.  
  • Licensed Guest Teacher Rate: $180.00 per day or $90.00 per 1/2 day.   The Licensed Guest Teacher Rate is for all Guest Teachers holding one of the following CDE licenses:  Professional, Interim, Initial, or a 5-Year Substitute Authorization.
  • Regular Guest Teacher Retiree Rate:  $190.00 per day or $95.00 per 1/2 day. 
  • Long-Term Rate: $200.00 per day or $100.00 per 1/2 day for long-term assignments.  The Long-Term Rate is paid once the 21st consecutive day is reached for the same teacher.

In addition to the pay program listed above, schools identified as having a higher than average unfilled rate may have one or more in-building guest teacher.  The identified schools select and hire their own in-building guest teacher.   In-building guest teacher rate is $185.00 per day ($92.50 half day).  

2021 Adams 12 Classified Substitutes Pay Rates

Classified Substitute Assignment Hourly Pay Rate
Paraeducator, Special Programs (Special Needs) $17.29
Paraeducator, Special Education Instruction $16.49
Paraeducator, Classroom Assistant $15.00
Student Monitor (Lunchroom/Recess) $15.00
Campus Security $16.34
Office Work (depends upon the assignment)  

You are paid hourly at step 1 from the Classified Salary Table for the title of the position that you would be substituting. The job titles that we provide our substitute services for are the following: Campus SecurityStudent MonitorsParaprofessionals for Classrooms, Preschool, Special Education and Special Needs and Office work for the schools or the ESC Building. 

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