Community-driven strategic plan released

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 9:00am
How Will You ELEVATE student success this year?

Plan to elevate student success for years to come.

We asked staff members how they will ELEVATE student success this year. Watch below to hear what they said!

How will you ELEVATE student success?

View the video with Spanish subtitles

ELEVATE, our community-created strategic plan, is complete and we are well on our way to implementing the initiatives dreamed-up by our community to elevate student success each and every year. Families and community members are encouraged to view the plan online using the link above or you can view a printed plan at your child's school or school in your neighborhood. 

The Plan

During the 2017-18 school year, more than 7,000 parents, community members, students and staff came together to develop a strategic plan to elevate student success in the Five Star District for years to come. The new strategic plan was approved by the Board of Education in Fall 2018. 

Read the plan to learn more about:

  • The strengths of our district and community as determined by hearing stories from parents, students, staff and community members about who we are and who we want to be. 
  • Our three major goals for the district around student academic performance, positive culture and social-emotional well-being. 
  • Our six major focus areas including 21st century learners, diverse learning, outside-the-classroom learning, safe schools, social-emotional learning and world-class staff.

Moving Forward

Thanks to the generous Five Star community voters, 2018 ballot issue 5C passed providing education funding that will support portions of all six focus areas of the ELEVATE plan. Read about the funding plan. 

Say Thank You

How do we continue to ELEVATE student success? By living out our strategic plan every day. One way we do that is to recognize and thank people who are doing so. Know someone who is living out our district strengths? Say Thank You with a note!