Facilities Long Range Plan

Updated on Fri, 10/01/2021 - 1:19pm

A quality learning experience for students begins with quality learning environments. This Facilities Long Range Plan (FLRP) will consider the needs of all schools in the Five Star District. Facility needs may include consolidation, remodeling, additions, replacement, changes of use, new construction, site acquisition, and equitable access to quality facilities and academic programs for all students. 

This work will be based on the following guiding principles:

Promotes equity

  • All schools will receive priority repairs with options created to provide equitable access to high-quality facilities district-wide

Created from data, drives towards the vision

  • Options are created to meet the needs of each planning area as identified by the data and informed by the stakeholders

Community engagement materially impacts each step

  • Engagements help inform the vision, planning priorities, options developed, and the final recommendations

Transparency throughout the process

  • Information and options developed through this process will be clear, concise and easily accessible so all district stakeholders can understand how this plan was developed.

All options are created to be “trade-up” scenarios for students

  • No option will be considered if it does not improve the learning environment for students