School Connectivity Project cuts district path [video]

Saturday, December 29, 2018 - 8:15am

Construction effort to expand, diverge into multiple phases in early 2019

Construction on Five Star Schools own fiber optic network will launch into a new gear in early 2019 as work expands into multiple phases.

The first of four planned phases of work, installing conduit for lateral fiber connections at each district school and facility that will eventually connect to a soon-to-be-constructed network backbone, got underway in August 2018. The work, under the direction of contractor, Henkels & McCoy, has moved forward at a highly efficient pace with more than 80 percent of the first phase completed as of early December.

School Connectivity Project Update - December 2018

With Phase 1 well on its way to completion, Phases 2 and 3 will launch in January 2019.

Phase 2 involves the installation of conduit and fiber termination equipment within school and facility Main Distribution Frame (MDF) rooms. The work is scheduled to last until 2019.

Phase 3, the longest and most intensive part of the construction process, involves the construction of the bulk of the 100-mile network backbone. That work, which is scheduled to take more than a year, will be the most visible part of the construction process with frequent work in public right-of-way to install conduit for the fiber optic cable.

The fourth phase of work, fiber optic cable installation and testing, will begin in June 2019 and run concurrently with the continued installation of the network backbone through the scheduled completion of the project in Spring 2020.

The construction of a self-provisioned fiber network was identified as a priority of the 2016 Bond Program as an alternative to the extension of a current lease agreement that provides the district’s network services. Construction and ownership of its own network will give the district control over the capacity and use of the network and the new network will include unused capacity for future growth. The network, estimated to cost about $20 million, is designed to meet the network and Internet connectivity needs of Adams 12 Five Star Schools for years to come.

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