Advanced Academic & Gifted Services (AAGS)

Our vision is to assure that gifted children grow socially, emotionally, and academically to become well-adjusted contributing members of society. --CAGT

In Adams 12, our mission is to serve the academic needs of gifted and advanced learners, while supporting their unique social-emotional needs in a nurturing environment. We are dedicated to providing instruction that challenges and motivates gifted and talented (GT) learners to achieve at an optimal level. Programming is based on gifted best practices and is designed to help students navigate their growth and develop their full potential. Schools may implement programming options differently to meet the needs of their students. 

Adams 12 Core Beliefs About GT

  • Giftedness presents a need for qualitatively different programming
  • Giftedness presents in a variety of domains
  • Giftedness is present in all populations
  • Giftedness is evident in multiple ways 

In order to provide the best possible educational opportunities to gifted children, our district advocates for a variety of gifted best practices. Every school in Adams 12 offers gifted programming services. For further information on the GT programming offered at your child's school, contact your school's GT Coordinator.

Please explore these pages listed in the sidebar for district information on GT Identification and Assessment, Programming, and Resources.

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